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  • Ingorkva Str. 10/2, 0108, Tbilisi

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    12:00 - 19:00
    Tuesday - Sunday


    E A Shared Space is a curatorial project. It provides a space for making exhibitions, screenings, readings, collective translation session, meetings online and irl, meeting and departing.

    At the moment it has a curated zine kiosk, which is oriented on showcasing contemporary zines made by artists and cultural workers of critical thought. The project aims at creating a temporary curated library, accessible online and irl in multiple languages.

    The project aims at producing work, which is deeply invested within its local context and engages with the local community through inviting local and international artists, curators, writers, activists and other cultural workers in order to facilitate an exchange of knowledge between the international and local audiences.

    E.A. Shared Space derives it's name from the tradition of Komunalkas (communal apartment) during ussr, which the space where the project is located, originally was. But it also is inspired by the living projects created by students in western eauropean countries, where the living spaces turn into a space that is shared among people unrelated to one another, in fact, often strangers.

    For sustainability and a lack of foundations who would potentially sponsor an initiative like this, E.A. Shared Space is self-sponsored and works as a gallery.


    Founder and artistic director: Elene Abashidze
    Office managers: Mariam Partenishvili, Nina Panchulidze
    Artist liason: Mariam Partenishvili
    Invigilating: Nina Panchulidze